17 February, 22:00
Concert, Electro Staircase

Electrostatica. Sergei Filatov and Dmitry Mazurov. Nebula. Оctophonie

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This duet of musicians with contrasting backgrounds comes to us as part of the Electrolands experimental program. Sergei Filatov and Dmitry Mazurov will present their thoughts on the topic of modern electro-acoustics, and on the milieu of underground clubs. The concert will be performed in an 8-channel format.

Sergei Filatov is a musician, sound artist, inventor of musical instruments, and creator of sound sculptures. Sergei employs an ElektroLyre, a 26-stringed musical instrument of his own creation that allows 10 strings to resonate at once under the contactless influence of an alternating magnetic field. This allows him to extract not just separate tones, but a cloud of overtones - a multi-faceted soundscape that lacks a definite pitch.

Dmitry Mazurov is a composer working in the field of chamber music and club electronics. Dmitry will present his latest work in the field of acousmatic sound wherein he employs more traditional electronic performance instruments - a computer and a synthesizer. Dmitry began his musical journey in the field of club electronics, gradually moving toward instrumental post-rock, then into the sphere of academic music. His theoretical music education and his club background provide Dmitry with a unique understanding of the world of modern academic music, and with the ability to create mutant musical pieces at the crossroads of different genres and concepts.